Stay hungry, stay foolish. 
           Steve Jobs

Our Natural Language Processing engine elicits your personality from your words. 

Research presented at the “Behavioral Insights from Text Conference,” organized by Wharton’s Risk Management and Decision Processes Center last year showed how word choice can have deep implications for people, business and society by examining the subtle psychology behind them.


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a sample data-driven behavioral profile


BIG DATA-driven technology

Prospective hire

Speech, voice



Prospect wearing a Virtual Reality headset 

The output:  Teams of people conducive to working well together


Our Natural Language Processing Engine elicits a soft, behavioral profile of each prospect.

VR Tracking of the immersive experience augments candidates' profiles with data providing insight into such traits as grit and tenacity.  

Our Machine Learning Recommender System matches candidates to teams, ranking them by comparing their data-driven personality profiles with those of the existing members of the team to which they would be assigned.